A comprehensive, all-in-one toolkit dedicated to your website

Make performance your priority

Daemonit sheds the light on your site's flaws and potential within an intuitive interface. Simply enter your URL and sit back.

Daemonit also gives you the best tips and tricks for your website to be reliable and efficient.

Protect your website from all angles

Your site's security is of utmost importance.

From your hosting and code quality to your infrastructure and more, Daemonit will double-check everything to ensure your site is up to speed with current best practices.

Tailor your site for Google and mobile

Our SEO module will give you all the necessary insights and keys to improve your rankings.

This includes recommendations for better mobile user experiences.

Watch your competition

Daemonit is able to detect which technologies your competitors are using: CMS, coding language, plugins, analytic tools– you name it.

Thanks to proprietary technology, Deamonit is also capable of determining if a website is GDPR-compliant in terms of cookie consent.

Automate your security audits

Free your IT teams from manual, time-consuming tasks.

Daemonit launches automatic audits daily, every 4 hours, or even every 15 minutes depending on your selected plan.

Test your website in realistic conditions

Generate accurate, relevant reports according to predefined geographical areas (France, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Canada, USA, and more to come.) or to a given connection type (fiber, 4G, 3G).

You can also test any page without unwanted noise from ads thanks to our built-in adblocker (Ublock Origin).

Try Daemonit free of charge and see for yourself.

"Daemonit enables us to save a lot of time and focus on our core activity. It's a simple and reliable solution."
John Doe
CEO, Coinhouse

You're going to love our API

Our Daeomonit REST API is included in your plan at no extra cost, with unlimited access.

We designed it with OpenAPI v3 format for quick and easy implementation.

It will allow you to integrate Daemonit directely into your IT system and automate your audits within continuous integration practices.

Do you use monitoring software applications and tools? Our API is also compatible with Nagios, CheckMK, Zabbix, Prometheus, …

You can count on Daemonit

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